• James Cridland

    James Cridland

    Editor of https://podnews.net, the daily podcast newsletter. Radio futurologist: a writer, speaker and consultant. https://james.cridland.net

  • Iliès Bendifallah

    Iliès Bendifallah

  • Dave Keeshan

    Dave Keeshan

    Podcaster Extraordinaire

  • Thibault Prat

    Thibault Prat

  • Ivonne Kristiani

    Ivonne Kristiani

    Open culture advocates. Avid podcast listener.

  • Pierre Mugnier

    Pierre Mugnier

    Co-founder & CEO @Side. Life is like a box of chocolates.

  • Carine Fillot

    Carine Fillot

    Journaliste-entrepreneure. Ou l‘inverse. Radiohacktiviste elson.fr et tactactac.fr - ex multipass @radiofrance

  • Kartik Parija

    Kartik Parija

    Cofounder @Adorilabs | -Reimagining Audio- to be Interactive, Contextual & Actionable | VC, CS, Math, NASA, Startups | Too many interests for my own good

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