Fix podcasting’s problems… on the same model as Brave browser ?

  • Content: Which authorizations, which conditions? What about revenue sharing?
  • Advertising: What are the significant KPIs? Why current analytics are not considered satisfactory?

1- Observation: such platforms are intermediaries, they do not necessarily share interests with publishers

2- Structuring solution: create an organization gathering multiple stakeholders

3- “Naive” solution: a single platform (and therefore closed…)

4- Ideal solution: the Brave browser model

Tip website using Brave browser
Figure from the white paper
  1. Advertisers pay with dollars (or other) for user attention, tokenized in as BAT (“Basic Attention Token”) digital asset. To summarize roughly, let’s imagine that an advertiser wants to pay for a minute of attention from 1000 users. This will always have the same value in terms of “attention” (1 minute of 1000 users), but the price to pay will not be the same if this attention is subject to high demand.
  2. Users watch non-intrusive ads, respecting their privacy, to get paid in BAT.
  3. Website publishers can receive BAT donations from their visitors with two clicks directly from the browser next to the address bar. A system also allows publishers to be paid automatically according to the time spent by an Internet user on each of the websites. Publishers thus have BAT tokens on a virtual portfolio. They can decide to exchange them for dollars on crypto-currency platforms.
  • No need to go through Patreon to make donations, the functionality is integrated into the browser. Note that users can also buy BAT tokens if they do not have enough to make more significant donations.
  • This makes it easier to set up “private” podcasts: RSS feeds generated for premium users could be the result of authentication within the browser. No more copy/paste to podcast players.
  • Every stakeholder gets happy! Listeners get ads, according to their expectations. Creators get paid without to worry about how to monetize their contents. Advertisers benefit from a certified “listening time”, without intermediaries, measured without compromising the listeners’ privacy.

This post is originally from my podcast ‘Des Ondes Vocast’ (in French)

Des Ondes Vocast, a French podcast aimed for radio enthusiasts.



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